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Last Mile

We prioritize the consumer experience, using our expertise, technology and scale to protect retail and e-tail brands.

Leader in heavy goods

Last mile is a critically important part of the supply chain that requires a 360-degree focus on customer service. We arrange over 10 million last mile deliveries a year, primarily for omnichannel and e-commerce retailers. As the leader in North America, we attract the best contract carriers to XPO, ensuring a network of high-quality truck capacity and service-conscious drivers, as well as expert technicians and installers for services inside the home. 


XPO software engineers have developed robust applications specifically for the last mile consumer experience. When someone buys a refrigerator, exercise bike or other large product, they can track that order in real time, set personalized alerts and reschedule deliveries electronically. We also monitor satisfaction at the point of delivery. The caliber of our technology is a major reason why so many retailers, e-commerce companies and manufacturers use XPO for last mile.

Last Mile delivery truck driving down street
XPO forklift operator

Key Capabilities

  • Intense focus on on-time delivery, safe handling and communication


  • Long-term strategic partnerships with many of the world’s largest retailers, including big box stores


  • Deep expertise across the heavy goods sector, including appliances, furniture, home electronic systems, mattresses and fitness equipment, as well as builders’ doors and windows


  • National network of 85 hubs and 75 dedicated facilities positioned within 125 miles of 90% of the US population


  • Co-mingled and dedicated solutions for omnichannel and e-commerce retailers with same day or next day delivery options from store to consumer or distribution center to consumer


  • Reverse logistics management and disposal


  • Vetted network of over 9,000 independent contractors for deliveries and installations


  • Consistent brand protection across geographies


  • One tracking number and one tracking portal through XPO Direct™ for total visibility from order to delivery
Technician inspecting merchandise at XPO last mile facility
XPO facility

National Hub Network

XPO's last mile footprint positions goods within 125 miles of 90% of the US population, speeding fulfillment.


Our 85 last mile hubs in North America are multi-customer facilities that serve as highly efficient staging points. The hubs range in size from 20,000 to over 200,000 square feet, providing extensive surge capacity. These sites also serve as a key component of our XPO Direct distribution network.


The scale of our network ensures that we provide consistency across market areas. You may lack the volume to justify dedicated service in a given market, but still require a customized approach. Co-mingling in a tailored XPO environment is a cost-effective solution.


In addition, our last mile hubs take receipt of more than two million returns annually. Our reverse logistics process typically involves the removal of old items that we dispose of using environmentally sound practices.

Employee lifting large palette
Unloading furniture delivery

Flexible Service Options

Tailored services based on your preferences, suited to your products and customer demographics.


We manage the entire last mile process behind the scenes without limiting your visibility. You decide what services best suit your business:


Curbside – in a carton, placed in front of the building, near the curb


Porch – delivered to porch or first dry area, no appointment, photo as proof of delivery


Threshold – in a carton, placed on the doorstep or in a covered area


Room-of-choice – brought inside the home, into a specified room


Standard – includes room-of-choice, unpacking, simple installation and debris removal


White glove – includes room-of-choice, unpacking, standard assembly and installation, debris removal and removal of old product

Superior satisfaction levels:


  • Cohesive network led by last mile experts
  • Post-delivery feedback loops facilitate resolution of any issues to maintain brand reputation
  • Rigorous vetting and compliance programs retain best-in-class service providers
  • Digitized communications enhance flexibility and reduce not-at-homes
  • All data regarding shipments is visible in one place online


XPO employees talking in warehouse

Dedicated Solutions

Last mile fulfillment on a market-by-market basis can be a cost-effective outsourced solution.


Our leadership in last mile makes us the optimal partner for managing high volumes of heavy goods. We offer both facility-based and store-based dedicated solutions in key market areas. These can be supplemented with co-mingled solutions in geographies with lower volumes.


A dedicated last mile arrangement offers many advantages over in-house management. Every aspect – delivery, assembly, installation, consumer touch-points and feedback – is overseen by our local market experts and facilitated by our technology.

Last Mile Technician installing appliance in customers kitchen
Delivering refrigerator at home

Customer Assurance Platform

We innovated the full scope of the last mile experience through the XPO Connect digital platform to give you continuous opportunities to build loyalty.


XPO Connect is designed to be your one-step system for managing your last mile deliveries. Today’s consumers are more mobile and less patient; they have confidence in brands that use cutting-edge innovation to keep them informed. Our digital tools will keep your customers engaged and in control of the delivery – scheduling, rescheduling, calendaring, automatic alerts – creating a seamless experience from start to finish. You’ll reap the benefits of tens of millions of dollars we’ve invested in transformative technology for heavy goods logistics and improve customer satisfaction in the process. 

XPO employee working on computer monitor

Desktop Tools

360-degree view – Integrates data from last mile providers, in-house resources and your customer base on one platform


Enhanced experience – Reduces not-at-home instances, captures digital signatures and processes transactions in real time with iPhone and Android connectivity


Status reporting – By carrier, individual delivery and delivery location


Advanced order management – Online entry, street-level geocoding and UPC barcoding

Last Mile employee delivering heavy appliances to customer